Benjamin Healthcare - Philosophy

We view each person as an integrated whole, embracing many roles include the person as an individual and a member of the community. We believe that persons should be treated with dignity and respect; that each person has a unique potential for growth and development.
Health is more than the absence of disease; it is the enjoyment of physical, emotional, and spiritual fitness. We believe that persons can enjoy the spirit of health, despite the presence of illness. We promote this experience of well-being.

Benjamin Healthcare center provides health care for residents through an interdisciplinary team approach. We advocate for residents when they are unable to do so for themselves. We believe that the quality of care should be measured by the highest professional standards. Further, we hold that the delivery of this care is best realized through excellence, compassion, and caring; planned in collaboration with our residents and their families.


Benjamin Healthcare - Commitments


To provide a safe and homelike atmosphere.
To stimulate growth and development in individuals.
To foster open lines of communication.
To interact with the community in a mutual exchange of ideas and resources.
To promote an educational environment that fosters knowledge and development.
To keep Edgar P. Benjamin's vision of cultural equality alive and well.


Benjamin Healthcare - Organizational Goals


To act as a leader and role model in long-term care.
To promote and foster career mobility and development.
To promote professional development and standards.
To seek and hold partnerships with universities.
To promote higher education and research and to contribute to the body of healthcare knowledge.




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